About New Heights

Our approach to church might be a little different than what people expect. To begin, we realize that the church is something that we are, not something that we attend. We encourage people to gather in smaller groups at homes, coffee houses, bars and restaurants throughout the week to continually develop authentic relationships and disciple each other in the way of Jesus.

We still gather each week in a larger group, and that time is an important, meaningful celebration with the greater community of God. We know that many people have given up on church or find it irrelevant to their lives. We relate to those feelings and frustrations. In fact, it is our similar dissatisfaction with the contemporary understanding of "church" that drives us toward the more intimate and authentic community we find and build outside the walls of our sanctuary.

So if you are a professing Jesus follower, a cynic on the verge of giving up on church, a skeptic interested in how people understand God or anywhere in between, consider yourself invited to anything and everything that we do. "Visiting church" doesn't have to mean sitting on the back pew of a large building and sneaking out early. You are certainly welcome to check out our community worship on Sunday mornings, but we'd also love to have you join us at any of our smaller gatherings throughout the week.

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