Local As we strive to be disciples of Christ, we realize that we can not love God without loving others.  Accordingly, we are never without an opportunity to love and serve others right in our own backyard.  We currently have a variety of both on-campus and off campus service opportunities.  Read about the ministries below to discover how you can serve our community as the hands and feet of Jesus.

JESUS SAID LOVE:  JSL shares the love of Christ with those whom society disregards, namely women within the sex industry. We aim to build Christ centered relationships in practical ways.  We need volunteers to pray, pack gifts, enter clubs, provide security, and more.  Right now, we are participating in the Fill the Bag Campaign.  Download the list.  Fill the Bag.  Share the Love.  Visit to learn more.  Contact Ryan Jacobson to get involved.

HOPE CENTER:  This ministry exists to provide immediate financial and food assistance to people in our community who are in a dire situation. While our volunteers do administrative work related to the ministry, their primary purpose is to be the Hands and Feet of Christ, offering a listening ear, a caring heart and prayer for people who need all three. We strive not to be a temporary fix but to help people find a permanent path out of bad situations. For more information about volunteering in the Hope Center, please contact Ryan Jacobson.

FISHING UNDER THE BRIDGE:  FUTB is a monthly outreach ministry serving the homeless population of downtown San Antonio.  We have volunteers working in every aspect of this ministry--from shopping for food, cooking and delivery to serving and cleanup.  All of our FUTB volunteers also have an opportunity to offer support, prayer and a listening ear to those they serve.  If you, your family, Sunday School class, or small group are interested in engaging one month or regularly with this awesome outreach ministry, contact Kathie Love.

BLUEPRINT MINISTRIES: In 2009, the New Heights community and Senior High students have begun "worshipping through service" on various Sunday mornings.  Blueprint Ministries has become a "Service Sunday" favorite and as a result, a strong relationship has developed between AHUMC and Blueprint Ministries.  Blueprint exists to be part of the urban San Antonio community sharing in Christ's extravagant love, hope, and grace by restoring homes for elderly, disabled, and low-income residents. For more information about supporting or volunteering with Blueprint Ministries, please contact Ryan Jacobson.

RESPITE CARE: The AHUMC children's ministry first served at Respite Care during the Great Day of Service 2009.  Since this time, the children's ministry has felt a clear calling to commit to serve the children, families and staff of Respite Care.  A "Respite Care Leadership Team" has recently been formulated to plan and implement events and activities to benefit Respite Care.  Respite Care provides services to enhance the stability and nurturing opportunities for families caring for a loved one with a developmental disabilities.  If you would like to join the "Respite Care Leadership Team" or volunteer onsite with the precious children of Respite Care, please click here

SAMM MINISTRIES & HAVEN FOR HOPE:  As the Haven for Hope opens, SAMMinistries, the residential services provider will be increasing their capacity from 330 to 940 beds.  With this growth, comes new opportunities for our people to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the residents at the Haven for Hope.  Volunteers are needed during the day and at night, weekdays and weekends, to minister to these people seeking to transform their lives.  Volunteer opportunities available:  playing with the kids, planning special events for holiday and birthday celebrations, prayer partnering, tutoring, mentoring, administrative assistance, job preparation and planning fundraising events.  To volunteer, contact Annie Reeves, Development Officer for SAMMinistries (340-0302 ext. 242)

CHILDREN'S HUNGER FUND:  The Children's Hunger Fund has recently opened a regional office in San Antonio and now provides an excellent way our families can serve together in a safe and fun way.  Volunteers of all ages can come to the headquarters at IH-35 and Eisenhauer to assemble food boxes, package soap and toothbrushes, bag beans and pasta and wrap toys which will be distributed to needy and hungry families throughout San Antonio.  To volunteer, simply pick a day to serve and call the Children's Hunger Fund at 395-4200 to set it up. 

BOYS TOWN TEXAS:  Boys Town Texas brings lasting, life-changing results to troubled children and families through its extensive child and family services.  Boys Town has a treatment family campus consisting of 5 residential homes, treatment foster care homes, parent education classes, in-home family services and outpatient family counseling. Volunteers are needed to tutor, mentor and encourage youth in the Treatment Family Homes program.  Volunteers are also needed to help facilitate the Common Sense parenting class.  The classes are held one evening per week for six weeks and are created to equip both the parents and their kids.  These service opportunities provide excellent ways our people can be a positive role model and share their experiences with others who are seeking to improve their situation.  To volunteer, contact Janie Cook at 271-1010.

STREET2FEET:  Street2Feet is a volunteer organization partnering with SAMMinistries. Their mission combines a passion for running and health with a commitment to promoting a transformation in the lives of the homeless. The running program promotes health, self-discipline, perseverance, goal setting and confidence. We encourage you to read through the website and learn more about the program.  Go to for more information.

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